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How do I export an assessment using Respondus to a course in Canvas?
Posted by on 19 March 2012 10:43 AM

Note: These instructions are for faculty.

Respondus is a powerful software used to create and manage exams, which are published directly to Canvas. The process to create and export an assessment using Respondus to Canvas is as follows:

  1. As an instructor, you must organize and format the exam questions in Microsoft Word according to the formatting provided in How do I format a test for Respondus? 
  2. Once you've formatted the exam for Respondus, email the exam questions your assigned Instructional Designer (ID) in Microsoft Word file format. In your email, be sure to include the following information: 
    • Which course do you want the exam added to (i.e. EDAM27704 - Changing Organizations)?
    • What dates and times do you want the exam available to students (i.e. Students may start the exam at anytime from Tuesday, March 6, 2017 at 12:01AM ET to Monday, March 12, 2017 at 11:59PM ET)?
    • How long will students have to complete this exam from the time they start (i.e. Timer: 2 hours to complete the exam)?
    • How many points is each question worth? 
      • For example: Questions 1-80 are worth 1 point each; Questions 81-85 are worth 2 points each; and Question 86 is worth 10 points each (totaling 100 points).
    • Do you want certain questions to be grouped together in a question set (i.e. All true and false questions grouped together or all essay questions grouped together, etc)? 
      • A question set is a collection of questions retrieved from selected tests and pools. From this set, you specify how many questions to display. The specific questions displayed are randomly chosen each time the test is taken. For each question set, you can specify the number of questions to be drawn. If the number of questions to be displayed is less than the list of questions (example: 3 out of 50), then the questions are randomly distributed so that each user may be viewing a different set of three questions.     
  3. Your ID will use Respondus to create and upload the exam to your course in Canvas. They will also apply the exam availability and timer as specified in your email. 
  4. The test will be added to the Quizzes tool in your course in Canvas. Your ID should add the quiz to the Module in which it is assigned. This is where students will access the exam during the specified dates and times. 

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