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Fake Emails Regarding Mailbox Storage
Posted by Anna Wright on 16 April 2012 01:51 PM

Please remember that any message you receive asking for your password in regard your email account, and claiming to be from someone at Rowan, is a scam. Ignore and delete them ALWAYS. We do not send quota messages requiring your password or disable mailboxes and ask users to "re-validate" them. No one involved with technology at Rowan will ever ask for your password through an email for any reason.

The people behind these fake messages are taking the usernames and passwords provided and using those Rowan accounts to send out thousands of SPAM messages.

We need everyone to please be aware of this and NOT give out your Rowan username and password through a link in any email message unless you are certain it is from a legitimate Rowan email address and takes you to a legitimate Rowan web page.

If you ever question the validity of an email, or a link contained within it, please contact CGCE Tech Support and ask.

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