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I was told my account is locked out of the Self-Service (Banner) system
Posted by on 09 February 2012 01:27 PM

If you (or someone else) has attempted to log in to Self-Service (Banner) three (3) times in a row with the incorrect Rowan ID and PIN combination, the system will lock out the account and prevent anyone from accessing it. This is a security feature built into the Self-Service system.

Try removing the lock status

You can attempt to reset your Self Service account and remove the lock status. To do this:

  1. Go to 
  2. Follow the instructions to unlock your Rowan Network Account, and provide the requested information to complete the process.  
  3. Once completed, this website will re-activate both (Network and Self-Service) of your Rowan accounts. It will also require you to reset your Rowan Network Account password (the username and password you use to login to Blackboard and email) in the process.  
  4. Be sure to note your new Rowan ID PIN once you have successfully unlocked your account.

Still experiencing issues?

If you are still experiencing issues with Rowan Self-Service, then you need to contact one of the following offices for further assistance. Note, as stated above, it is NOT recommended that you contact our phone support or submit an online support ticket.

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