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Registration and Joining a Class in My Education lab
Posted by William McCool on 10 January 2012 11:58 AM

How Students Register for MEL and Join a Class

Note: This document will be in Week 1 resources as well.  You will be able to access the Syllabus and Week 1, five days before your course begins.

Once you receive a Class ID from your instructor, you can join the class associated with the ID you were given. If you have not registered for the website, you must register first.

How to Register for a Website

  1. Go to the appropriate website.
  2. Select your textbook (if applicable).
  3. Click Register.

During registration, you establish a personal login name and password that you will use each time you access the website. When you finish registering, you receive a registration confirmation email containing your login name and password. If you already have registered for a Pearson Education product, you can use your existing login name and password, but you must register again for the new product.

Instructions and a student access code may be provided with the purchase of a new textbook. Your instructor may call your attention to this. Otherwise, you must purchase access to the site with a credit card by going to the website and clicking Get Access.

  • Use the Access Code you purchased for MEL with your textbook. If you did not purchase an access code, you can purchase that separately when you go to
  • Go to Bb and copy down the Class ID number that is on the Home Page. It begins with “cm….”

Go to and click on Tours and Training in the top toolbar. It will give you all the information you need on joining MEL, how to use it, etc. Don’t skip this step!

Note: You can join a class as you complete registration for website access by clicking Join a Class from the Confirmation & Summary (last) page of registration. You need to have the Class ID ready to be able to join the class. If you select this option, you can join a class using the following procedure beginning with step 3. Otherwise, you can join later as described in the following procedure beginning with step 1.

How to Join a Class If You Are Already Registered

  1. Enter the website by logging in.
  2. Return to the website URL.
  3. Select your textbook (if applicable).
    • Be sure you register for the correct textbook. If you register for the wrong one, it causes a BIG PROBLEM. Remember our textbook is by Smith and Tyler. You may have purchased one of 2 different covers but they are the same book. Just look for Smith and Tyler.
  4. Log in with your personal login name and password.
  5. Click Join a Class
    • The Join a Class option is displayed in the website navigation. (Instructors do not see this option; it is displayed for students only.)
  6. When you are prompted for a Class ID, enter the ID that your instructor gave you and confirm that the instructor name and class information is correct by clicking Next.
  7. From the Confirmation & Summary page, click Enter Class Now to immediately access the class.

After joining the class, you receive a class enrollment confirmation email containing your login name and password.

You can join the class from the class start date up to one day prior to the class end date.

After you have joined a class, you can access it later at any time by repeating step 1 above. If you have only one active class, you enter it once you log in. If you have two or more active classes, you are presented with a list of classes once you log in. To enter a class, select one from the list. For more information on selecting a class, see Select the class you want to enter.

Remember to select the correct textbook by Smith and Tyler.

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