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Course Evaluation Information for Students
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Rowan Global's online course evaluation survey process is easy, convenient, secure, anonymous, confidential, and important.

Click here to view Rowan Global's Course Evaluation Policy.

How do I access a course evaluation for my course in Canvas?

  1. Login to Canvas and navigate to your course
  2. In your course in Canvas, click on Course Evaluation in the Course Navigation.
  3. Your course evaluation survey will appear on the screen.

Note: If you click on Course Evaluation in the Course Navigation and receive a "No Active Survey Available" message, then your course is NOT participating in an online course evaluation.

Are course evaluations anonymous?

Yes, all course evaluations are submitted anonymously. Instuctors do not receive their evaluation results until AFTER they have submitted their course grades.

I don’t see a course evaluation for my course?

If you don't see an evaluation for your course:

  • Based on the steps above, your instructor has most likely chosen to NOT participate in an online course evaluation. 
  • You are trying access your course evaluation before or after its availability period. To learn when course evaluations are available, see below.

When is the course evaluation available for my course?

Your course evaluation is available for students to complete for two weeks towards the end of your course. It will be available from Thursday through the following Wednesday. You have a total of 14 days to fill out the evaluation.

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