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How do I enter final grades into Canvas and Banner for my class?
Posted by Anna Wright on 21 December 2012 10:21 AM

Note: These instructions are for faculty.

About Final Grades in Banner

The Registrar’s Office requires that instructors submit final grades to the Rowan Self-Service (Banner) system within 5 working days after the course has ended (for more information about this policy and assigned grades requirements, visit the Faculty area of the Registrar's website at Instructions for posting final grades in Banner are available on the Registrar's website and in the How to Post Final Grades (pdf).

  • Note: For courses that are participating in Rowan Global online evaluations, we allow students to participate in evaluations starting on Tuesday of the last week of your course and ending 11:59PM on the Thursday after your course ends (9 day evaluation period). To ensure fairness in the evaluation process for both the students and you as the instructor, please wait until after the evaluation period to release your final grades to your students.
  • If you are unable to post grades within the specified period, please notify your department chair. Your parent college/department will receive a list of courses missing final grades from the registrar. Each College/Dept. handles following up with this list differently.

For Technical Support

  • If you're having trouble entering your final grades into Banner, please contact the Registrar directly for assistance at 856-256-4350 or
  • If you're having trouble entering grades into Canvas, please contact your assigned Instructional Designer or submit an online support ticket

About Grades in Canvas

  • If a student does do not submit a points-based graded activity (i.e. An assignment, quiz or discussion out of 100 points) in your course, please remember to enter a ZERO into that student’s cell in the Gradebook for not completing the activity. Canvas does NOT count any ungraded activities toward the grade calculated in the Total column. If you do not enter in a zero and leave it as a dash, the grade calculated in the Total column will not accurately represent that student’s Total grade.
  • The Total column in Canvas automatically computes each student's score and provides the letter grade equivalent based on the default grading scheme. If you wish to post a different final letter grade than what is listed in the Total column, create a new assignment called Final Letter Grade (please contact your assigned Instructional Designer to create one for you) in which you can manually enter the final letter grade for each student.
  • You can contact your assigned Instructional Designer or submit an online support ticket for further assistance with the Gradebook and entering grades.

How to Manually Enter the Final Letter Grade for Each Student

Canvas currently does not allow you to add custom columns to the Gradebook. In order to create a Final Letter Grade column, we had to create a "No Submission" assignment that is worth zero points and 0% of the Weighted Total.

  1. In your course in Canvas, click on Grades in the Course Navigation.
    Click Grades 
  2. Locate the Final Letter Grade column in the Gradebook. 
    Final Grade Column 
  3. In the Final Letter Grade column, click in a student's cell whose score you want to enter.
  4. Type the student's final letter grade into the cell (i.e. A, A-, C+, F).
  5. Click Enter or Return on your keyboard.

More information and step-by-step instructions can be found in the Canvas Guides by Instructure.

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