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Getting Started Guide for Rowan Global LMS Requested Faculty using Canvas
Posted by Anna Wright on 24 January 2013 10:11 AM

Note: Rowan Online is a division of Rowan Global Learning & Partnerships. This guide is for Rowan Global faculty that have submitted a Learning Management System (LMS) request for their traditional face-to-face courses and for faculty teaching a hybrid course where the course is predominantly taught face-to-face.

  • LMS requested courses are delivered predominantly in-person/face-to-face only uses the Internet as a repository of supplemental materials. Materials such as the syllabus, assignments, ancillary reading, and so on, are posted in Rowan Global's LMS according to the Rowan Online template. Use of LMS does not count toward contact hours for the course. Course length varies. Students have access to technical support. LMS requested faculty should use the guide below.
  • The guide below is also for faculty teaching hybrid courses where the course is predominantly taught face-to-face (approximately 60-99% of the course), and who wish to build their own course in Canvas. These types of courses were formally known as web-assisted courses. 
  • If you are an instructor teaching a 100% online course or a hybrid course where only approximately 30% of the course is taught face-to-face, use this guide.
  • The online component of online and hybrid courses counts toward contact hours for the course.  

Click on one of the following links for more information:

Part 1: Accessing Your Course in Canvas

Part 2: Configure Your Settings in Canvas

Part 3: Course Organization & Customization

Part 4: Working in Course Files

Part 5: Working with the Syllabus and Overviews in Google Drive

If you choose to use Google Docs to create and edit your course syllabus and overviews, follow the instructions provided below.

Part 6: Upload Files and Create Assignments, Discussions and Quizzes

Part 7: Use Modules to Organize and Link to Items

Note: Each week in the Modules area (i.e. Week 1 Module) is a module. You can link to assignments, files, discussions, external websites and quizzes in a module.

Part 8: During the Instruction of Your Course

Part 9: Wrapping Up Your Course

Part 10: Common Issues

More information and step-by-step instructions can be found in the Canvas Guides by Instructure.

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