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Known Webinar Technical Limitations and Issues
Posted by on 25 February 2013 12:15 PM

Embedding Multimedia Files into a PowerPoint or PDF File

We do not support embedding multimedia files in a PowerPoint presentation or PDF file, or sharing, uploading or playing multimedia (i.e. Video file) in a webinar session (i.e. Adobe Connect or Canvas' Conferences tool) because of the technical issues it can cause.

  • Webinar software, such as Adobe Connect or the Conference tool in Canvas, do not support embedded multimedia files (i.e. YouTube video) in a PowerPoint presentation or PDF file.
  • If you share your screen and play the video on your computer, the sound of the video cannot be heard on your audience’s computers.
  • If you upload a video file to the Files pod and play it for your audience, you may experience the following technical issues:
    • The webinar software  may not support the video’s file type
    • The file size may be too large
    • Videos can cause a time delay or bandwidth load issues when playing

PowerPoint Effects and Animations  

Any animations applied to text and objects will not work or be displayed when the PowerPoint is shared in a webinar session. Likewise, when effects are applied to text and objects in PowerPoint, they will not be displayed in a webinar session, and in some cases, the object itself may not be displayed (i.e. Charts, SmartArt). These may include any of the following objects or effects: 

  • WordArt
  • Charts and graphs
  • SmartArt
  • Stacked Text (i.e. Text Direction)
  • Text Effects (i.e. Gradient/Picture/Texture Fill, Shadows, 3D, Bevel, Glow, Transforms, Outlines)
  • Effects on Shapes/Images (i.e. Shadows, Reflection, 3D, Bevel, Soft Edges, Glow, Outline)

If your PowerPoint presentation includes any of these items and you want to perserve their quality in your presentation (not including any animations), save your PowerPoint as a PDF file and upload/share that in your webinar session. 

Audio and Video Delays in Webinar Software

Please note that users may experience time delays in audio or video during webinar sessions depending on their Internet connection and/or provider. 

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