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How do I view the required materials (textbook) for my course?
Posted by on 11 February 2012 09:01 PM

Students are expected to acquire all materials, including textbooks, publications, equipment, and software that are listed in this syllabus as "required" prior to the start of the course. Students enrolled in the course after the start date (part of add/drop) must acquire all materials at their earliest convenience. Materials required for all Rowan Global courses, as well as information regarding how and where to purchase them, are listed in the Rowan Global Section Tally:

  1. Go to the Rowan Global Section Tally ( 
  2. Select a term and use the available options (i.e. Professor, department, etc) to find your course(s). 
  3. Click on the Materials Required link under the AddInfo column.
  4. A list of all available required materials for the selected course will appear.
    • Note: If there is no link for Materials Required that means your texts are not yet posted but should be soon.

Required course materials will also be listed in the Course Syllabus in your course.

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