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How do I access and use Google Drive during course development?
Posted by on 15 February 2012 10:30 AM

Note: These instructions are for faculty teaching online or hybrid courses—not students.

As of Summer 2012, faculty, who are teaching online and hybrid courses, and their assigned Instructional Designer (ID) will use Google Drive to share and edit the course syllabus and all weekly overviews. Rather than emailing Word documents back and forth to your ID, Google Drive allows you to:

  • Access your documents from any computer (with an Internet connection)
  • Collaborate on documents online in real time
  • View your documents’ revision history and revert back to any version

Click on one of the following links for more information:

About Google (Gmail) Accounts

All Rowan faculty and staff have a Google account associated with their Rowan username. A Google account gives you access to a variety of features and tools, including Google Drive, Gmail (email), etc. Your Google account may be referred to as your Gmail account. For all intents and purposes, they are one in the same. You would use your Google account username and password to access any of the aforementioned features and tools.

  1. To login, go to and login using your Rowan email address (i.e. and password. 
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Accessing Your Documents

Your Instructional Designer (ID) will create and share your course’s syllabus and weekly overviews with you in Google Drive, and will notify you via email once these documents are available.

Important: Google incorporated Google Docs into their new app called Google Drive. 

To access your documents in Google Drive, you must login to your Google account.

  1. To login, go to and enter your Rowan email address (i.e. and password. 
  2. Click Sign in
  3. Click on Shared with me (on the left hand side).
    Shared with me
  4. A list of all shared collections and files will appear. Click on the title of a collection to access it. 
  5. A list of all Google documents shared with you will appear. Click on the title of a document to access it (opens in a new window).

You can now edit the document (i.e. type text, undo and redo, cut, copy or paste text, add links, add images, add comments, etc) similarly to how you would in Microsoft Word. You can also format the document using the formatting tools (i.e. Bold, underline, indent, etc) and menu (i.e. File, Edit, Insert, etc) at the top. 

Note: Google Drive saves your work automatically.

Once you’ve finished editing your document(s), send an email to your ID’s Rowan address (not their Google/Gmail address) indicating that you’ve made some changes and they should review it. The ID will see the changes you made right in the same document.

Download Your Syllabus and Overviews 
Want to keep a copy of all of your weekly overviews and syllabus once they've been finalized? In Google Drive, you can easily download files to your computer:

  1. In Google Drive, click the checkbox(es) next to the item(s) that you'd like to download.
  2. Expand the More drop-down menu, and select Download.
  3. Select a file format to which you'd like convert and download your item, such as Microsoft Word. When multiple items are selected, they'll be compressed into a .zip file.
  4. Click Download.

How will students view the Syllabus and Overviews if they're created and housed in Google Drive?

Rather than saving the Syllabus and Weekly Overviews to PDF file format and uploading them to Canvas, your assigned Instructional Designer will create links directly to your Syllabus and Overviews in Google Drive. Note: Students will only be able to view—not edit—these documents. 

Students can download and print the overviews if desired.

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